Davidov.net NTP servers are members of the public NTP Pool at www.ntppool.org.  If you host your own NTP server(s) and have spare bandwidth, please consider joining the pool as there is always a need for additional NTP servers and the bandwidth consumption & processing overhead is really quite small.

The statistics graphs below are created using gnuplot and the statistics log files from the NTP servers.  The graphs are updated every hour using a cron job. If you are interested in creating statistics graphs such as these for your own NTP servers, the scripts & gnuplot config files can be found in the download area.

(Stratum 1)
Hardware Raspberry Pi 2 Model B - 1GB
OS Debian logoDebian Linux (Raspbian)
Ref. Clock
Networking 100 Mb Ethernet
timelord offset stats
timelord network stats