'Project Magnum': Flywheel's Alleged Plot To Steal Peloton's Technology

Spin bike maker Flywheel lost a patent lawsuit to rival company Peloton, announcing yesterday that it's shutting down. Motherboard uncovered some wild corporate espionage in the court documents: "At some point before the launch of FLY Anywhere, according to Peloton's lawyers, Flywheel launched 'Project Magnum,' an attempt to 'obtain… Read More »

Posted on 20 February 2020 | 8:02 pm

Windows 10 Icons Are Getting An Overdue Redesign

Microsoft is rolling out updates to the icons for Windows 10's core apps over the months ahead, starting with the Calendar and Mail apps in a new Release Preview for Windows Insiders in the Fast ring. Engadget reports: The company's design team explained that it wanted to break away from the flat, colorless icons you see today in favor of ones… Read More »

Posted on 20 February 2020 | 7:25 pm

Facebook Will Now Pay You For Your Voice Recordings

After being caught listening to and transcribing voice recordings without informing customers, Facebook announced it will now offer to pay some users for voice recordings to help improve its speech recognition technology. The Verge reports: Facebook will let you make voice recordings as part of a new program called "Pronunciations" in its… Read More »

Posted on 20 February 2020 | 7:05 pm

Should Facebook, Google Be Liable For User Posts?

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: U.S. Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday questioned whether Facebook, Google and other major online platforms still need the immunity from legal liability that has prevented them from being sued over material their users post. "No longer are tech companies the underdog upstarts. They have… Read More »

Posted on 20 February 2020 | 6:45 pm

A Group of Ex-NSA and Amazon Engineers Are Building a 'GitHub For Data'

A group of engineers and developers with backgrounds from the National Security Agency, Google, and Amazon Web Services are working on Gretel, an early-stage startup that aims to help developers safely share and collaborate with sensitive data in real time. TechCrunch reports: It's not as niche of a problem as you might think, said Alex Watson,… Read More »

Posted on 20 February 2020 | 6:02 pm

Morgan Stanley Buys E-Trade For $13 Billion

Via… Read More »

Posted on 20 February 2020 | 5:25 pm