Are Python Libraries Riddled With Security Holes?

"Almost half of the packages in the official Python Package Index (PyPI) repository have at least one security issue," reports TechRadar, citing a new analysis by Finnish researchers, which even found five packages with more than a thousand issues each... The researchers used static analysis to uncover the security issues in the open source… Read More »

Posted on 1 August 2021 | 10:07 pm

Hundreds of AI Tools Were Built to Catch Covid. None of Them Helped

At the start of the pandemic, remembers MIT Technology Review's senior editor for AI, the community "rushed to develop software that many believed would allow hospitals to diagnose or triage patients faster, bringing much-needed support to the front lines — in theory. "In the end, many hundreds of predictive tools were developed. None of them… Read More »

Posted on 1 August 2021 | 8:59 pm

2 Red Objects Found In the Asteroid Belt. They Shouldn't Be There.

Slashdot reader fahrbot-bot quotes the New York Times: Two red things are hiding in a part of the solar system where they shouldn't be. The space rocks may have come from beyond Neptune, and potentially offer hints at the chaos of the early solar system. Scientists led by Sunao Hasegawa from JAXA, the Japanese space agency, reported in The… Read More »

Posted on 1 August 2021 | 7:59 pm

Russia's 'Nonsensical, Impossible Quest' to Create Its Own Domestic Internet

An associate professor of cybersecurity policy at Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. The tests seem to have gone largely unnoticed both in and… Read More »

Posted on 1 August 2021 | 6:49 pm

YouTube Bans Sky News Australia for One Week Over Misinformation

The BBC. Long-time Slashdot reader Hope Thelps shares their report: YouTube issued a "strike" under its three-strike policy, the last of which means permanent removal. It did not point to… Read More »

Posted on 1 August 2021 | 5:34 pm

Amazon Now Employs Almost 1 Million People in the US - or 1 in Every 169 Workers

"Amazon now employs almost 1 million people in the U.S. — or 1 in every 169 workers," reports NBC News: Amazon has revealed for the first time the number of people it employs in the U.S., putting the figure at 950,000, according to the e-commerce giant's quarterly earnings call on Thursday. While the headcount was boosted by an additional… Read More »

Posted on 1 August 2021 | 4:34 pm