Instagram Makes Under-16s' Accounts Private By Default

Instagram has made new under-16s' accounts private by default so only approved followers can see posts and "like" or comment. The BBC reports: Tests showed only one in five opted for a public account when the private setting was the default, it said. And existing account holders would be sent a notification "highlighting the benefits" of switching… Read More »

Posted on 28 July 2021 | 12:45 am

Activision Blizzard Employees To Walk Out Following Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: Activison Blizzard employees are staging a walkout on Wednesday, July 28th in response to the company's handling of sexual harassment allegations brought by the state of California. Employees will meet outside Blizzard's main campus in Irvine at 10AM PST. "We believe that our values as employees… Read More »

Posted on 28 July 2021 | 12:02 am

'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli's One-of-a-Kind Wu-Tang Clan Album Sold By US Government

Only one copy exists of the Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, and it was owned by "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli. Now, NPR reports that this album has been sold by the U.S. government to an unnamed buyer in order to pay Shkreli's civil forfeiture judgment following his conviction for securities fraud. The album, which… Read More »

Posted on 27 July 2021 | 11:20 pm

Lucasfilm Hires Deepfake YouTuber Who Fixed The Mandalorian

Lucasfilm has hired the YouTuber known as Shamook, whose The Mandalorian deepfake, published in December, has earned nearly 2 million views for improving the VFX used to de-age Mark Hamill. CNET reports: "As some of you may already know, I joined ILM/Lucasfilms a few months ago and haven't had the time to work on any new YouTube content," Shamook… Read More »

Posted on 27 July 2021 | 10:40 pm

Google Cloud Offers a Model For Fixing Google's Product-Killing Reputation

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Google's reputation for aggressively killing products and services is hurting the company's brand. Any new product launch from Google is no longer a reason for optimism; instead, the company is met with questions about when the product will be shut down. It's a problem entirely of Google's own… Read More »

Posted on 27 July 2021 | 10:02 pm

Elon Musk Sniped at Apple Twice on Earnings Call

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sniped at Silicon Valley neighbor Apple twice during a conference call to discuss Tesla earnings on Monday. From a report: Although the companies don't compete directly today, Apple is reportedly building an electric self-driving vehicle under a project code-named Titan, and has attracted a number of engineers and executives… Read More »

Posted on 27 July 2021 | 9:24 pm