WordPress Plugs Bug that Led to Google Indexing Some User Passwords

A week after releasing v5.0 major update, WordPress has pushed the first security patch for its popular CMS service. ZDNet: Released hours ago, WordPress version 5.0.1 fixes seven security vulnerabilities (some of which allow site takeover) but also plugs a pretty serious privacy leak. The latter was found by the authors of the popular Yoast SEO… Read More »

Posted on 14 December 2018 | 8:40 am

A Corporate-issued Laptop Stolen From a Lenovo Employee in September Contained Unencrypted Payroll Data on APAC Staff

A corporate-issued laptop lifted from a Lenovo employee in Singapore contained a cornucopia of unencrypted payroll data on staff based in the Asia Pacific region, news outlet The Register reports. From the report: Details of the massive screw-up reached us from Lenovo staffers, who are simply bewildered at the monumental mistake. Lenovo has sent… Read More »

Posted on 14 December 2018 | 8:00 am

The Painful, Costly Journey of Returned Goods -- and How You End Up Purchasing Some of Them Again

Buyers return a huge number of packages they buy from Amazon and other e-commerce sites, so much so that retailers are sometimes left with little choice but to get rid of large swaths of inventory at a cost. Last year, customers in the U.S. returned about $351 billion worth of items that they had purchased from brick-and-mortar retailers and… Read More »

Posted on 14 December 2018 | 7:30 am

Facebook Doesn't Care About Fixing Fake News Problem On Its Platform

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Journalists working as factcheckers for Facebook have pushed to end a controversial media partnership with the social network, saying the company has ignored their concerns and failed to use their expertise to combat misinformation. Current and former Facebook factcheckers told the Guardian… Read More »

Posted on 14 December 2018 | 7:00 am

NASA's Jupiter Mission Juno Reveals Giant Polar Storms

NASA's Juno mission to the gas giant Jupiter has reached its halfway mark and has revealed new views of cyclones at the poles. The BBC reports: As it orbits the planet every 53 days - Juno performs a science-gathering dive, speeding from pole to pole. Its sensors take measurements of the composition of the planet, in an effort to decipher how the… Read More »

Posted on 14 December 2018 | 4:00 am

Supernovae May Explain Mass Extinctions of Marine Animals During Pliocene Era

Slashdot reader KindMind. From the report: A gigantic supernova explosion may have triggered mass extinctions for creatures living in Earth's prehistoric oceans some 2.6 million… Read More »

Posted on 14 December 2018 | 1:00 am