25 October 2021 | 7:34 am

"The world's top five polluters were responsible for 60% of global emissions in 2019," reports Bloomberg — but China alone "generated about the same amount of CO2 as the next four countries combined." That's despite having a smaller population than those four countries combined — and even then, China's carbon output "is still rising every… Read More »

25 October 2021 | 3:34 am

The New York Times describes a six-year grass roots effort to fund historic preservation and natural resource conservation in Montana — and how it collided with Rae Grulkowski, a 56-year-old businesswoman who had never before been involved in politics, and her very influential Facebook group: Ms. Grulkowski had just heard about a… Read More »

25 October 2021 | 1:54 am

The mixed AR/VR standalone headset Lynx R1, which is undergoing an already-funded Kickstarter campaign, got this week its first third-party hands-on review by independent reviewers Cas and Chary VR. Check also the video that the company released yesterday demonstrating for the first time the combined… Read More »

24 October 2021 | 11:46 pm

"HT Aero, an affiliate of Chinese electric vehicle maker Xpeng Inc., launched a new flying car on Sunday that it says can also drive on roads," reports CNBC (in a story shared by Slashdot reader PolygamousRanchKid ): The company says it plans for a rollout in 2024. The car is not commercially available right now. And HT Aero said the final design… Read More »

24 October 2021 | 10:39 pm

Tech billionaire Peter Thiel "believes that people should be more worried about 'surveillance AI' rather than artificial general intelligences," reports CNBC: The venture capitalist, who co-founded big data firm Palantir, said at an event in Miami on Wednesday that on the path to AGI, you get surveillance AI, which he described as a "communist… Read More »

24 October 2021 | 8:34 pm

This week the U.S. Air Force announced that it's chosen Alaska's Eielson Air Force Base as the site for its first "micro" nuclear reactor test program. The Drive reports: The U.S. military, as a whole, together with the Department of Energy has been increasingly looking into micro-reactor designs as possible ways to meet ever-growing… Read More »

24 October 2021 | 7:34 pm

"Big businesses and brands that suffered during the pandemic found their way back," says a new ad from the British confectionary company Cadbury. "But the smallest stores still suffer..." So in response, Cadbury "has come up with an AI tool that will enable customers to create an ad for their local stores for free," reports BGR — and all the… Read More »